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Sverige - Northern Pike Lodge
Northern Pike lodge

Experience fishing for pike in the forestlands of Swedish Lapland.

In the forestlands of Norrbotten County, just an hour from Lule airport , there is pike fishing unlike all the common conceptions of what angling means.

Other fish species in the area is Grayling, Perch, Trout,

Northern Pike Lodge is a cosy guest house with 22 beds. The 1930-40s-style house has been carefully renovated and has airy rooms, many of them with an impressive view over the River Lule. The cellar has a washing section with a sauna, shower, bathtub etc. Here you will find a preserved old-time baking oven where you can cook your fish or bake your own bread. The guest house is a listed building.

The most amazing thing about Northern Pike lodge Lodge is that it is limited to ONLY 12 guests per week. It?s a warm, intimate setting, with personalized attention to every facet of your trip.But a great lodge has to be matched by an good fishery. The main lodge offers access to over 20 lakes sprawled over our vast area. These lakes range in size from 1 miles long to over 6 , ensuring you?ll never suffer long, bone-crunching boat rides. Most feature all species, and many are fished only a few days a year, guaranteeing a truly virgin fishery. A spectacular lodge. Personalized service. And very good fishing. And we know what it takes to make your trip an unforgettable one.

The lodge works for fishing guests every week during the season. 15 May-1 October
Start of this Program: We meet our guest in Lule Airport Sweden. The camp is about one hour by car from the airport.

Daily Description:
Day 1. fishing with guide four hour including lunch on the lake.
Day 2-6 fishing by your self
End of this Program: Transfer to Lule Airport after 4 days 4 night or 7 days 6 night

Meals: Three meals per day

We provide with boats and fishing equipment if our guests not have their own fishing gears

Service Languages: English and German on request

Other included services:
- accommodation in single room, with breakfast, lunch and two course dinner.
- use of boat with oars and engine, inc 10 litres petrol
- fishing permit
- fishing guide, 1 day
- fishing map/ navigational chart with marked "Hot spots" and information about choice of bait

Optional services:
Fly fishing course 4 Hour 70 Euro/person
Three- course dinner 32 Euro
Fishing tackle 25 Euro/week
(Rod, reel and line)
Fishing guide/day 100 Euro/person
Petrol for boat engine 1,5 Euro/litre

Participants minimum: 3
Participants maximum: 12

Driving License needed: Yes for one driver

Season: 15 May-1 October

Duration of this Product: 7 days or 4 days program

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