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Welcome to Fishingnorth.com
The way to the fishing trip of your dreams!

FishingNorths policy is to give the customers a memorable travel experience with personal service to the world?s most interesting fishing destinations and this to a reasonable price. FishingNorth books trips to Russia, Norway, Kamchatka and other prime destinations worldwide. We specialize in fishing travel to the Kola Peninsula and Finnmark in Norway.

We agree with the organic sustainable fishing "Wise Use".

Your wishes our job!

New Film See trailer from Kamchatka

Opala September 2007


Kamchatka 2014
Next year's highlight on Kamchatka is Savan River. Read more ...
Babja New destination for 2013 !
The river is situated at the southern Kola Peninsula and has only been visited by a few fishermen.
Read more ...
Pana Kola peninsula fly fisherman?s dream
A small woodland river on the southern part of the Kola Peninsula full of 3-7 kg silvery Salmon Read more ...
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Last minute free place at Kola Peninsula Read more ...
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